Del Puerto time is Daylight Saving Time! I do like the SFR calendar because we can always count on a few things, like the Fort Bragg 600 being on Mother’s Day, the Fleche being on the day before Easter, and the Del Puerto being on the Daylight Saving Time Saturday.

I have been on sabbatical from the rigors of rando for a while as during the last rando adventure I had a rather unfortunate thing happen to me that involved an industrial metal rust remover/preservative permeating my cycle clothes and giving me a chemical burn on my body that got worse the longer I wore them. The clothes got the solvent in them because the same sink that cycle clothes get washed in is the same sink that solvent covered hands got washed in. The solvent got transferred from the sink and into my cycle clothes. Ouch.

The burns prevented my participation in the old caz 300 and Rob the RBA transferred my registration to the Del Puerto so things were not a total loss.

This ride starts out on the edge of the Bay Area conurbation and is accessed by a BART ride – I shared my hour long BART ride with Max, Angela and Mike. I was able to show them my mud flaps with a picture of RBA Rob on them complete with a reflective mustache. Few people purchased the flaps ($3 a pair) until I put Rob on em. Thank you Rob.

At the start I get to say hi to lots of rando buddies and then we are off! I ride behind Gintautas until I am dropped and steadily drop back as the course is covered. I end up with Manny for a bit, along with several others whom I regale with my current favorite story, the ufo sighting during the fourth of july back in 2013. It is a great story and I never get tired of telling it.

That's Mr. Manny to you, buddy.

That’s Mr. Manny to you, buddy.

I get a flat after the big fun descent on Corral Hollow from a staple and Vidas from the story telling group generously stays with me and escorts me all the way to Del Puerto Road. Thank you Vidas!

Storytime for the randos! There I was... Vidas there in front.

Storytime for the randos! There I was…
Vidas there in front.

On Del Puerto I introduce Eric, Vidas, and Therese to my pass-time of sprinting for the mile markers. I have fun for the first 8 or so, but then Eric rides me off his wheel and takes everyone with him. Sigh.

At adobe springs just before that big climb, there is a bunch of people waving their arms trying to get people to stop and get some water. It is nice to see others doing that instead of just me. While there Irving, my riding buddy from last year appears from nowhere and we ride up the big hill together.

On the big hill I lose Irving but I gain Jack Moonbeam and Jenny O and they are nice to chat with until Jenny drops us. We regroup at the top and Irving wins the sprint to the county line by riding over to the sign while Jack, Jenny and I are chatting. Hooray for Irving.

The junction has new management, dark beer and a nice dog wandering around the yard getting scraps and getting petted. Nice dog, good beer.

I leave the junction alone but soon come across Eric and Therese and we ride out the rest of the ride together, Eric setting the pace about 200 feet in front of us and Therese and I chatting. I explain to her my theories on descending and she politely listens.


Hey Therese, wait up you haven't heard all of my theories on descending on a bike!

Hey Therese, wait up! You haven’t heard all of my theories on descending on a bike! Hello?

Such a nice day on the bike, made much nicer by riding with Vidas, Eric, Therese and Irving and everyone else. Thanks again SFR and all!