This is my least favorite route in the SR series, but it is not all bad. This version had nice weather and for some of it, empty roads. I was able to do a weekday workers ride because the usual day was taken up by a fun ride, a Fauxvet. The fauxvet was an impromptu and sometimes chaotic mixed terrain ride down the coast where I got to see a lot of familiar territory from a different view point and I was also able to add a little of some of the special areas I have learned of.

The fauxvet had a wonderful mix of showers, sun and rainbows all day and I was hoping for more of the same for the workers ride, but it was merely pleasant weather, not wonderful. This ride is early in the season and I have even seen snow on this ride so merely pleasant is a good thing.

In Marin County, Carlos drops me for a while in Ross when he decides to go through a corner parking lot (like 80% of the cyclists do) instead of wait at the stop light. I wait at the stop light. I catch up in San Geronimo.

The rest of the ride to Petaluma is a bit cold and traffic filled, but we are on a reverse commute so most of the traffic is going the other way. Petaluma itself is very traffic filled and very construction filled. There is a huge new strip mall going in just before the safeway control on a stretch of road where the city decided to not add bike lanes (this stretch will really suck even more after the strip mall opens) and a bunch of new car driver attracting developments going in after the safeway control on another crappy car filled road with no bike lanes.

The sun is shining for our ride from Petaluma, but every diesel burning vehicle is out enjoying the sun too. The 101 corridor leaves a lot to be desired, but it is the flattest way from Petaluma to Healdsburg.

The Safeway control in Healdsburg is out of the good flavors of soup and I settle for the potato/cheese soup and add some tomato soup to it. I got to try the cucumber flavored gatorade too, I sort of like it because it is not as sweet.

West side road is gorgeous as ever, with an even balance of nice new pavement and more deteriorated old pavement. River Road has a constant stream of diesel monster trucks ruining the air quality, but they behave themselves and do not harass us. Guernville is overrun with the most picturesque mob of vagabonds sporting tank tops, pony tails and camo outfits. River road empties after Monte Rio and we get the benefit of a weekday ride on the coast – minimal tourist traffic and empty roads.

The Sonoma Coast was the usual incredible sight, but still paled against the coast we saw during the Fauxvet.

More empty beautiful roads and finally we are back in Fairfax and the traffic is back. In downtown Fairfax I yield for a pedestrian in a cross walk that Carlos did not see and then 200 feet later an ass in a pickup forces me to the curb jamming through for the stop sign.

I scream at the idiot motorist that nothing justifies what he did (he said I needed to be further to the right than I was and that made his running me off the road ok – thank you automobile industry and corporate talk radio for spreading your mis-information to the driving public) and Carlos cringes and wonders when he will witness my death under the wheels of some idiot.

Between eating a few snacks and almost dying (an over dramatic exaggeration) I end up dropping Carlos even though I am stopping at stop signs. He catches up at the bottom of Camino Alto and we finish together. Done.

This randonnee will continue to be my least favorite.